Selsted Church of England Primary School

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Admission Arrangements

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 

Admissions and Appeals Arrangements


The Governors and the LEA have agreed an admission limit of 15 pupils for any one academic year.


Pupils are admitted at the beginning of the September Term, or when parents move into the area should the school have space.


Special "Taster" afternoons are offered to Reception children before they start school for the first time.


In accordance with County Policy the following criteria are used in making admissions decisions:


  1. Parental wishes.
  2. Denominational preferences
  3. Current family association with the school
  4. Children recommended for health reasons.
  5. Nearness of child - home and ease of access to the school


Admissions forms, obtainable from the school, LEA or on-line, should be completed and returned to the school by the specified date (usually January) preceding the September date of entry.


The Admission procedure is administered by the LEA which informs parents  in writing whether or not a place is available for the new intake.


Parents have the right to appeal over admission decisions to the Area Director in the first instance.


Parents are welcome to meet the Headteacher to discuss admissions arrangements and to see the school.


The Headteacher and Reception Teacher meet all parents of children who are about to be admitted to the school in the Summer term.


If you would like your child to join us outside the normal admissions window we would advise you to visit the school first.  An in year admissions form would need to be completed via the local authority (see link below).