Selsted Church of England Primary School

From Tiny Acorns, Might Oaks Grow

Our Governor Bear

In May 2016 we decided to adopt a Governor Bear to be our representative at School Council meetings and to act as a conduit between the Governors and the children. We chose three names which had some meaning for us as a school;

  • Oakley (our logo is an oak leaf and acorn plus our philosophy is 'From little Acorns Mighty Oaks Grow')
  • Welby (after the Archbishop of Canterbury to reflect our christian ethos)
  • Chandler (after a previous Headteacher)


We attended collective worship with the children, introduced the Governor Bear and asked them to vote on the name. Because British Values forms part of the curriculum, we were keen for the voting process to be aligned with the way that democracy works for adults in the UK and because our school hall is used as a Polling Station during elections we asked KCC if they would allow the children to have their own polling booth to elect the name.

KCC were magnificent - they provided us with a proper polling booth, a sealed box for the ballot papers and even printed the polling slips for us.


The children participated in their first adult election and showed great maturity. Their choice? 




So welcome to Oakley, our permanent Governor Bear (with no voting rights!)

Oakley Update


The children have decided that Oakley should spend time in each classroom with a box into which children can put examples of when they see their peers demonstrating the christian value of the term. Oakley has very much enjoyed reading these examples, as have the other Governors!