Selsted Church of England Primary School

From Tiny Acorns, Might Oaks Grow

School Council

Meet your school council 2021-2022!

Welcome to our School Council page!


Our School Council is made up of two children from Wootton, Denton and Swingfield.


We meet with Miss Ive regularly to discuss ways in which the school could be improved.



What is happening at Selsted in Term 6?


We have some big things planned for our final term!


Lunchtime Challenges

Every week at lunch time, we are setting each table a lunchtime challenge. We have 4 days to work together to note down as many answers as we can related to a question. Then on Friday, the table with the most correct answers win a prize!


Challenges and Champions

See below for our past challenges and weekly champions!


Week 1

Name as many different fruit and vegetables as you can- Table 12


Week 2

Name as many food/ drinks as you can which you should only eat in moderation- Table 10


Week 3

Name as many difefrent animals as you can.

Money Raising Events


At the end of term we plan to raise money for both our school and for Ukraine.

We plan to have a 'Break the Rules Day' and a 'Penny Trail'.


Watch this space for a date and more informatiuon nearer the time.