Selsted Church of England Primary School

From Tiny Acorns, Might Oaks Grow

School Improvement Plan

School Improvement plan 2022-2023


Quality of Education

(Led by Suzy Ive)




2. Personal development

(Led by Laura King)

3. Behaviour and attitudes

(Led by Laura King)

4. Leadership and Management

(led by Angela Woodgate)

  1. Pupils will have improved spelling and grammar achievement
  2. Pupils will be confident in understanding how to reason in maths

Improve the quantity of children achieving GD in maths.

  1. The school will gain Nurture UK accreditation
  2. The school will have a clear diversity and culture strategy
  1. A new positive behaviour policy will be in place (in line with Nurture UK objective)
  2. Attendance across all groups will improve
  1. Standards of teaching will be high across all classes
  2. ‘The Selsted Offer’ provides pupils with an exciting, enriching curriculum.
  3. All staff will be leaders in their own areas