Selsted Church of England Primary School

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Our Church

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Our Church

Our school falls under the parish of Elham (following the realignment of parish boundaries in 2015).  The church at Elham is called St Mary's and we look forward to taking the children to visit when possible.  We are also very lucky to be able to attend Acrise Church regularly for trips including our Year 6 children's leavers service.  We are also working with St. Peter's Church and Swingfield Parish Council at the moment on a World War One project. 


Mrs Woodgate attended the licensing of Reverend Jane Weeks, in February 2016.  Reverend Jane leads collective worship every Tuesday at Selsted.  In addition to this, Reverend Jane leads our annual Christingle, Easter and Year 6 leavers' services.


Reverend Jane Weeks


Every Wednesday at school we have 'Prayer Space' which is run by our Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Ms Hannah Newton, who is a practicing Christian.


Prayers that we use in school


Lunchtime Prayer


For what we are about to receive,

may the Lord make us truly thankful



End of the Day Prayer


Thank you for each happy day

For fun, for friends and work and play

Thank you for your loving care

At school, at home and everywhere.


School Prayer

Almighty God

May our school be welcoming

May our school be encouraging

Let friendship flourish here

Let learning fill our day

Give us the strength to do our best

Give us the hope to carry on

Be our guide in all we do

Lord, make this school your home too

We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord