Selsted Church of England Primary School

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Parent forum

The parent forum is an opportunity for parents to be involved in a variety of school issues.

Last year parents attended a forum with Mrs Woodgate and Mrs Burton to review the SEN policy and to write 'A parent friendly guide to SEN at Selsted School'.


Forums run approximately once per term and may involve parent feedback, policy review or ideas for the future.


Please speak to Mrs Woodgate if you would be interested in taking part in the forums.

Parent Forum Term 1 2016/17 - Homework


Mrs Woodgate and Mrs Burton lead this forum on Tuesday 11th October at 2.30.  Parents joined us to discuss the results of the homework questionnaire and discussed how we could improve homework at the school.

On the whole through the questionnaire and the forum the parents supported how we set homework.  Some concerns were raised as to the amount, particularly with the weekly and project based learning.

As a result some changes were made to the homework policy.

Please see the letter below indicating theses changes.