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Other News

Self Evaluation Day 2022

Staff and Governors joined together for a day in February 2022 to spend time looking at what we do well and what we could do even better in line with the Ofsted Framework. 


The governors find this a great chance to get to know staff better,  spend time reflecting on the the year and planning for what comes next. We like to spend some of the day thinking about our practice as governors. In particular, our focus this year is our impending SIAMs and OFSTED inspections and also succession planning as our Chair is stepping down at the end of the academic year.

The new Library and Wellbeing Room

Many thanks to the diocese for enabling us to be able to convert the WW2 air raid shelter into a lovely resource for the children. 

The air raid shelter has served many functions over the years - it was the changing rooms when the school had a small swimming pool, it housed the model railway club from some years and had latterly provided storage for the school.

Mrs Woodgate had a vision at the beginning of lockdown (March 2020) that what we really needed was to have it properly insulated and converted into a room that could be used to not only further the focus on reading for pleasure but to support our children's mental health once they returned to school.

It is entirely down to her drive and project management skills, alongside the hard work of every member of staff (who pitched in to do all kinds of things to help) that the project was ready for the children once they returned in March 2021. It is safe to say that they love the new addition!

Selsted is ranked 3rd in the county!


The governors felt immensely proud of the staff and children when the government website showed that for overall performance, Selsted is ranked 3rd in Kent. That is 3rd out of 560 primary schools!

We know that the staff and children always strive to challenge themselves in whatever they do but it was wonderful to have it recognised  at a national level.

Self Evaluation Day 2020


Staff and Governors attended an inset day in school on the 19th February. This is the fourth year that such an inset day has taken place and is part of our strategy to continue to improve the way we all work together to develop our school.


This year we are keen to enhance our curriculum offer and continue the excellent work that has gone into the new phonics scheme in Key Stage One.


Ofsted Inspection 2017


The school received an Ofsted inspection during the summer term 2017 and 9 out of the 10 Governors were able to attend the meeting with the inspector. 


We were well prepared and it was clear that we know our school and are involved in school improvement, working hand in hand with the Leadership team and the staff. 


We knew that our school was good and that we are on a journey towards an 'Outstanding' rating and we were pleased that the Ofsted Inspector confirmed this in her report.


We now have lots of work to do in the next 3 years to attain that 'Outstanding' classification!